The concept of sustainable design has come to the forefront. Sustainability recognizes human civilization is an integral part of the natural world. Nature must be preserved in order for human civilization to survive.

Design for sustainability develops principles of conservation and encourages these principles be incorporated in our daily lives. If we are to make our civilization more sustainable, then it is clear our profession must play a major role. Our office is committed to designing energy efficient, socially responsible buildings.

We are aware of the environmental impacts of buildings.

For all of our designs, new building structures or building renovations, we focus on the following sustainable design principles:

  • Optimizing site and location, existing structure reuse;
  • Optimize ways to improve energy performance (such as incorporating more natural light, passive solar heating, control of heat gain, occupancy sensors, and so on);
  • Use water more efficiently;
  • Use environmentally preferred products;
  • Enhance indoor air quality;
  • Optimize operational and maintenance practices (encourage building operators and maintenance personnel to participate in the design development stage).